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You are Involved in Picking Your Child's Gift

We want to break the Toys for Tots® mold and let the parents to have a say in what gifts they receive for their family. This way the gifts have a personal touch That is why we have all the parents fill out a form with each child's information and wishes oplso that each gift is customized for a specific child.


We want to help every child in need in Jackson County, but we do have some requirements that must be meet before our service can be offered. Please check today to see if you qualify for our services, so that we can start preparing to bring Christmas gifts for your child.


Once you come in to receive your items, we let you look them over to make sure that the gifts selected for your children are satisfactory. We also provide wrapping paper, so that you can personally wrap your children’s gifts. This way the children can tell that they came from you, their parents.

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